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Training Material Creation

The creation of training materials can be a time consuming and complicated process. This is why many have either purchased existing LCMS – Learning Content Management Systems or build a customized LCMS.


We have experience working within various LCMS environments for documentation creation. We understand the need to have document versioning, document storage and a role based review and approval system.


We can work with you to streamline the size of your training audience and focus required curriculum using our Business Process Sort. This document will match (Job Role or Target Task) using a rating system based on (CFC – Criticality, Frequency and Complexity).

Training Online or In-Class

How do you train people, how do you keep their attention?


Learners process information by sight, by sound, kinesthetically (by moving) and by touch, this is why we attempt to stimulate all these senses when creating training materials.


We will work with you to ensure we develop training that stimulates all these key areas.

Online Quiz Creation

We offer a secure online testing infrastructure with many built-in features that can have you up and running quickly.


Our basic testing services include: Multiple Choice, Fill-in the Blank and True or False.


Our more advanced testing can include embedded video simulations with corresponding testing that can direct a user to completely different results depending on the choices made during the testing.


Testing can be delivered using a hi-stress or low-stress methods depending on your target participant group.

Online Grading System

We provide a secure online turn-key solution which will provide you with an instant means of being able to train, quiz and automatically grade students.


Students and Instructors are provided with immediate test scores via email.

Online Evaluation System

We have an online report system to track overall student body.


You can instantly identify outstanding student performance and other student’s that require additional assistance.


Get solutions to poor student performance before you go-live with a new product launch or deploy a new crucial business application.

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